• March Madness!

    My favorite time of the year! NCAA Tournament time! Men and Women’s Basketball games all day long! Buzzer beaters, upsets, Cinderella teams! I love it all! While I hope my team wins #6, I just hope for a great tourney! Another season of coaching youth basketball has ended, and I now have three nights a……


  • Chapter 40 (sheesh)

    I’ve made it! 40 mutha lovin years on this Earth. Sometimes, I wonder how I made it this far. Between not being killed by my mother and somehow surviving doing the dumb stuff I did when I was a kid, I think I’ve done pretty well. But I have a long way to go and……


  • New Year, New Lifestyle

    Happy New Year Yall! How are we living for 2023? Ya’ll making some changes for the better this year? I have to. I have to give up something that I truly love. Ya’ll ain’t gonna believe this. A little back story: So growing up, maybe I was 12 or 13, my mom would take me……


  • Holiday Season

    Happy Holidays y’all!  I know it’s some of y’all’s favorite time of the year. The lights. The tree. The smells (shameless plug: Shop at bumblebswc.com for your favorite holiday scents). The presents (shameless plug: shop at kontempokloset.com for new pieces to add to your wardrobe). All the things that come with the season. I remember growing up, my parents would……


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