Why are kids critical thinkers when it’s time to go to sleep???

Can I kick it with yall for a little?

Almost every night, mini me and I do our nightly duties together. Get vitamins, brush teeth, get tucked in bed, and go to sleep. It’s a normal routine for most parents I know. It seems simple, but there are times where my child feels as though she becomes a philosopher or instantly earns her PhD in Askquestionology and brings up topics that we have never talked about.

The other night, mini me told me, “Daddy, I don’t know when I fall asleep. Why don’t I know when I fall asleep?”

I sat there and pondered to myself and I really did not have a good answer. So I replied, “That’s the way God wanted it to be.” (You use the same quote some times)

So now, I’m thinking about the same thing and it made me research “Do we know when we fall asleep?”, and technically it’s a gradual process. There are different stages of sleep and when you get sleepy, your brain activity slows down and… See what happened there. The question my daughter asked me allowed me to research a topic that I didn’t know much about so I can explain it to her later.

This taught me to listen to her questions, even if I don’t know the right answer right now. Read, learn, then teach. I feel it’s one of our responsibilities as parents to make our children comfortable talking to us about everything.

So let your child ask you questions, even if it’s time to go bed. Those questions can be beneficial for both of you.

Share some of your kids’ craziest late night questions!

Have a great weekend yall!


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