Chapter 36

Sheesh! Starting another chapter already. Seems like yesterday I was in the skating rink with a tall white t-shirt and baggy jeans, backward skating to Soul For Real’s “Candy Rain”. Now, I need a 3 day weekend just to recovery if I go skating.

They say time and change are the only thing that’s constant, which is true and always will be. I’m blessed enough to experience the things I have in 36 years, the good, bad , and ugly, and I can’t wait to experience what else God has planned for me.

Since I’ve been adulting, I’ve always looked at birthdays as a day to reflect on previous experiences and what is next for me and my family. There have been ups, downs, and all around, but along the way, over the last 36 years I’ve learned a few things.

  1. You are not everyone’s keeper
  2. Everyone deserves to be happy
  3. Procrastination will kill your dream
  4. Its okay to smile sometimes and its okay to cry too
  5. The truth hurts
  6. Don’t be afraid to try something new
  7. Just because they are blood related, doesn’t make them family.
  8. Only look back at the past to make sure you’ve learned from it
  9. Learn to say “No” sometimes
  10. Listen and learn
  11. Everybody is different (Tyron taught me that)
  12. Take care of yourself
  13. It’s okay to eat your favorite fried foods.
  14. If you ask for help, the worst answer is no. But the answer is always no if you don’t ask. (I’m still learning this one)
  15. Laugh with others, not at others.

Baby phone

Thank you for all the birthday love and wishes! I truly appreciate it! Lets continue to learn and grow! Let’s make this chapter filled with love, peace, wealth, gratitude, and good health!



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