Today, I had the chance to take my family up to Raleigh for the 3rd Annual Koreafest hosted by Global Korean Wave Federal and we had a blast. We ate everything from bulgogi tacos to kimbap and hotteok and everything in between. Mini me learn how to write her name in Korean, play several Korean musical instruments, and watch the Kpop dance competition (our favorite part).

We appreciate events like this because it allows my daughter to experience part of the Korean culture that my mother grew up with. Kpop was around when my mom was young, but Koreafest showed more than that. This was the 100th year anniversary Korea has been free from Japan’s control and my daughter was able to learn about that. She was able to see so many different Korean foods, even though she only eats rice and seaweed. She was able to see Korean women in their hanbok teaching how to play music, write in the Korean language, and play Korean games.

This event allowed my daughter to experience her Korean culture that I know I couldn’t give.

Thank you to Global Korean Wave Federation for this event. This was our first year going and hope to attend next year.


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