Daddy in the Kitchen

Growing up, I was never “taught” how to cook. I just kinda figured it out. The first time I cooked food without help, I burnt it, messed up my momma’s favorite pot, smoke alarm going off… Yeah, it was bad.

Over the years though, I’ve learn how to cook, not only in the kitchen, but on the grill as well. I’m no sous chef, but I dibble and dabble every now and then.

A few of the past times I’ve been in the kitchen, I’ve let mini me “cook”. She has her age safe cooking utensils and I help her with the adult items, but I think her learning to cook now can help her in many ways later in life.

Here are a few things mini me experienced while cooking:

  1. Cooking for herself allows her confidence to increase. She can say “I made this”
  2. We get to bond together and share thoughts and ideas about what we’re making.
  3. She learns about fractions and measurements in a fun way.
  4. She also learns how to read recipes and how they give step by step instructions so your food will turn out right.
  5. Cooking is a life skill everyone should have. Starting earlier than later will help prevent burnt spaghetti’os

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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  1. Awwww. This is wonderful and same here. No home cooking training. For me YouTube and especially Tasty videos really excited me to get more creative with dinner.


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