Time and Change…

Today, I started a new job. It was like going to a new school in a new state (military kids know how that goes) and you have to do that people surveillance to see who is going to be cool or not. Everything went as well for a first day, but it still felt weird being the “new guy”.

I was at my last job for almost a decade and to toot my own horn, I was great at my job. I was the “go to guy”. But sometimes, when you’re great at your job, you get to do other people’s job as well (happens more often than normal), that eventually takes a toll on you, mentally and physically. Mental fatigue has a domino effect, and once I realized that I had fallen in that pit, I made a decision to take care of myself. Taking care of myself also meant taking care of my family. If I’m not there for them because I put my “job” first, then, in my opinion, I’ve failed as a father. I can get another job, but I don’t have another chance at life. Today was a reminder of that.

I always tell people, there are 2 things in the world that are constant: time and change. Time will wait for no one and a change is going to come, even if it’s not asked for. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make that move; don’t wait for such and such to do this and that. Make your moves, start a business, aggressively search for that new job and apply (the worst they can say is no), do something.

If you believe its time for a change, then makes moves. Let’s genuinely support and clap for one another, you’ll be amazed at the things that can happen.

Good night yall!



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