SMART Goals – Furniture Building

So a few months ago, I gave myself a few SMART Goals. One of the of those goals was to learn how to build a piece of furniture by June of this year. Here we are in the middle of May, and I can say I have achieved this goal. I must say, that I feel pretty proud of myself. Do I see myself selling my furniture to big brand stores? No. Do I see myself with a new hobby? Possibly.
Wood making brought forth a new line of respect for furniture. A lot of time goes into making a wood furniture. The measurements have to be exact, there are 10000000000 different colors, the measurements have to be exact, there are many different designs, and did I mention the measurements have to be exact? Making furniture is an art but at the same time, it’s fun. After building this table though, I can honestly say it would be hard for me to buy a table from a furniture store again. With a little more practice, I believe I can make the same type of tables in the store for a fraction of the price.
Now I’ve completed this goal, I’ve opened Pandora’s Box for my wife. She loves her dining table and now she’s sending me my next projects (yes with an “s”).

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