Chef BoyarBlack

A few months ago, my mother taught me how to make egg rolls. Ever since then, I’ve put off making them by myself. Not only because they were time consuming, but also I didn’t know if they were going to taste as good as my mother’s. I then realized, my egg rolls will never be as good as my mother’s, so “why waste the energy of being fearful on something I can’t control?” (read that again).So this past weekend, I went Chef BoyarBlack mode. I chopped up some veggies, seasoned them, bought the wrong noodles, used them anyways, stuffed and wrapped away. Popped out the deep fryer and fried away. Making egg rolls is time consuming so I see why my mother doesn’t make them as much. I’m grateful she took the time to teach me and I shouldn’t have wait so long to learn. But better late than never. They ended up turning out pretty good.I’ve never been a fan of cooking growing up. The first time I cooked, I burnt spaghetti-o’s (left them on the stove too long). But my mother was the cook of the family and her restaurant so I didn’t “have” to cook. She fussed at me for not learning how to cook or wanting to cook, but it wasn’t until I was in high school before I starting fixing food for myself. So I take the lesson of not being able to cook at a young age and turn it into an opportunity to:1) Help my wife out around the house if she gets busy with life2) Teach mini me to make and cook foodNow, I got my grill, my smoker, and my egg roll recipe, so now I can get down with the get down. Hopefully soon I’ll make some more eggrolls, with maybe a new filling. Maybe.GB


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