Back to School Time!

It’s “Back to School” time!!! I love seeing the back to school pictures and (most) kids getting excited to go back to a new class, new teachers, new friends, and new learning opportunities. So each morning before the kids take off for school, let’s say a quick prayer:
“Thank You Lord, for the gracious gift of teachers and education. We ask You give them peace as they prepare to teach my child(ren). Keep them safe and protected from all harm. Fill them with patience and energy as they try to see the potential in my child and push them to reach it. We pray for their courage for putting on the shoes of a teacher.
We also come to you Lord to protect, not only my child, but all students. We pray You shield them with your arms everyday and return home safely. We pray You fill our child(ren) with discipline and the eagerness to learn new things, willingness to grow, and to be kind to each other. We pray for positive interactions, open ears, and listening minds. We ask that You give them the strength and courage to stand for what is right, not popular. We thank You for your everlasting love, and in Jesus name we pray, Amen.”
With everything going on in the world a prayer in the morning can start the day off on a good foot.
As most kids are excited to go back to school, some children are anxious as well. Will they make new friends? Will they like their new teacher? There are a million thoughts that go through their head when starting a new grade/school. So here are a few things to try and help your child throughout the school year:
  1. Help others if someone needs it
  2. Ask questions if you are unsure
  3. Own your wrongs
  4. Get back up if you fall
  5. Say “I’m sorry” if you make a mistake
  6. Say thank you
  7. Teach others
  8. Speak up if you see something wrong
What are some other tips you have children going off to school?
Some of these may help and some won’t, but it’s important as parents, we do our part at home so our children can succeed at school and in their future. Let all have a great school year!

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