GrowingUpKorean: Kicked out of the house…naked

A fun #TBT #GrowingUpKorean story yall…

So I was about 14/15 and I was a bit of a rebellion, probably more than I want to admit. I didn’t follow rules very well and I did not respond to any type of authority very well.

To start off, it was summer break from school and this particular summer, I was given a curfew… My mom worked nights, so I had been staying out late, doing things I shouldn’t have been doing, things that would have landed me in jail. But there was 1 night, my momma caught me out late, like 3 or 4 in the morning. When I seen her car underndeath the carport, I knew I was gonna be reintroduced to that golden belt. As soon as I came in the house, I locked eyes with my momma… she knew I knew I was in trouble but she didn’t say anything. She went into her room. I thought maybe, just maybe, she was more relieved I was home safe than wanting to kill me. So foolish me, went to sleep thinking everything was all good. But absolutely nothing was good.

When the sun came up, she woke me up with the golden belt in her hand… She’s yelling at me, telling me she was tired of me disrespecting her and not listening to her rules in her house.

She told me to strip down naked …that’s right… buck booty naked…

I said ‘uh, wait what? No’. That was the wrong response. She went to work until I started to take off my clothes. I was down to my tighty white-ies… my mama told me that I was brought into this world naked so I’m leaving naked.

She gave my sister the phone and told her to call Social Services because she was going to kill me and throw me out the house…

She started to whoop me again and y’all, I don’t know what happen but something came over me…

I grabbed the belt…

Yes I did… not only did I grab, the belt but I raised my voice at my mama and told her to stop whoopin me… at that moment, the power of God went into my mama arm, down to her hand, and she slapped the the rebellion out of me… seriously…. I stood in the living room, crying, boohooin’, saying I’m sorry…. my mama let me go back to my room…

After that, I wasn’t that much of a rebellion anymore, kinda, but not as much…I’m thankful for that day though. Back then, I didn’t want to get whooped, but I was doing the most to stay getting whoopin’s. I look back at it now and this lesson, with the thousands more, my mama was trying to teach me now makes complete sense. Love is shown in many different ways, whether ass whoopins or hugs & kisses, she wanted the best for me and the path I was headed down wasn’t what she wanted. Now that I’m a father, I hope, along with my wife, we’re able to lay down a solid parent-child foundation for mini me to appreciate. Like many mothers, my mother wore many hats, but she wore that “Ass Whooper of the Year” hat alot. I’m thankful for it though.

Make today a great day!



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