Lessons I Learned from 10 Years Of Marriage

A decade ago, I “sang” my vows to my wife… yea, you read that right… I sang the vows song from the Jamie Foxx show and man, was I past nervous… I knew I sounded a hot mess, but in my mind, I was good… but it was all for a special day.

My wife and I had been together almost 5 years (with a lil break in there) before we got married. So all together, 15 years we’ve been together. There have been ups and downs, trial and tribulations throughout that time, but we fought thru it. Our marriage has not been perfect, but we vowed to stay true to each other and walk hand and hand thru whatever issue tested us. And 10 years later, we’re still hand and hand, strong gripped too.
So in honor of our 10 year anniversary, here some things I’ve learned since being married:
1) Marriage is not easy. You have made a promise to each other to keep the other happy thru thick and thin, sickness and health, til death do yall part. Throw in a life’s fancy work, expectations of family, friends, and society, and now the fun begins.
2) Communication and comprehension go a long way. Yes, there will be a misunderstanding here or there, but everyone is human. Most times, it’s better to lay things out on the table so the whole picture can be seen.
3) Compromising is very valuable in a marriage. Not only do husbands and wives view problems differently, but both come from 2 different backgrounds, so there will be different opinions on a lot of things, but there are ways to meet in the middle that can tickle both fancies.
4) Laugh with each other, not at each other. There will be days where the stress of life will try to keep you down, so if your spouse is kicking you while your down, that could add fuel to the fire.
5) This one is simple: Trust God.
Being married has brought me more joy and bliss than I could ever dream of. The Mrs. and I are more in love now and hopefully these few tips can help in your relationship. Happy Anniversary Babe, I can’t wait to see what the next 1000000000 years bring!
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