Back to School Prayer

Lord, as our daughter heads toward a new school year, we come to you in prayer. We pray You will guide and protect her. Please shield her from any harm, viruses, anxiety, and doubts. This year will bring forth new pressures and challenges, so we ask You to protect her mind, heart, and body. We pray to You to provide her with the strength to focusing on her studies, learning and growing. We ask You to give her patience as this school year will look much different than last year. We also pray You will provide her with the strength to provide friendship to a fellow student who seeks a friend, and also provide a friend to her when she’s in need (masks on, of course). Please fill her heart Your love and compassion.

We, as parents, ask for the strength and knowledge to assist her this school year. We ask for the strength to remember what we were taught in school as we will be called upon to assist in more ways than before. Common Core we rebuke you in the name of Jesus! I mean, we pray for You to equip us to help her and keep us all safe.

We pray for our teachers, principals, and their staff for a successful year. We pray to provide them clear guidance as this academic year will bring forth a new set of challenges than they are used to. Provide them with the wisdom to clear the hurdles placed in front of them. Please guide them all; and provide them the emotional and spiritual support to keep them grounded.

We pray to You for all students, elementary to college, teachers and professors, principals and deans, and everyone surrounding and in between. Please help them be a witness, whether in or out the classroom.

In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen

A part of Joshua 1:9 KJV says “…Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest …” and I think strength and courage will be needed for all this school year. It will really take a village this school year…

Be blessed and be safe yall!



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