The Adventure Challenge #2

When you’ve been married for a over a decade (that sounds like a long time), you tend to get the know the ins and outs of your spouse. Their likes and dislikes, what buttons to push to get on their nerves, and what gifts that make them do that lil dance in the kitchen. But every now and then, y’all go out on a whim and try something new, whether is a new restaurant or passport stamp. The Adventure Challenge taps into that something new. And that was our lunch date. Something new in a small town. We didn’t travel too far because mini me was still in school, but we still went far enough.

We hit up a lil hole in the wall, a Caribbean spot in Spring Lake. I’ve seen it DoorDash, but never had it so we decided to give it a try. I had oxtails and the Mrs had stew chicken and beef patty. My food was okay, but oxtails come with too many bones for my liking. The Mrs. liked her food, so all was good. (You see the steam from the food?)

So after our lunch, we had to walk it off at a park. The Mrs. grew up on this side of town so she knew of one. Due to our severe allergies, we ain’t stay out there long. But during our walk, we found some swings. So as she swung on the swings, we finished off our assignment by coming up with a new name and history.

So since the Mrs. scratched off the challenge, she came up with the new history of Spring Lake. Since she spent most of her childhood there, she had always heard the rumor that the Rockefeller Family owned the farms and land out. So that would have been the new history. The new name… Rockefeller Park… nothing fancy… but who knows, this tall tale could turn out to be true…

If yall have a chance to visit Rockefeller Park, I mean Spring Lake, make sure you get some food from Navariah’s Kitchen-Caribbean Soul Cuisine.

We’ll see yall next challenge!

Much love



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