Let’s Talk about Willard Carroll Smith II

We all heard about the slap across the world. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on the Oscars. Was it staged? Could have been since the Oscars have been losing ratings for years. Was it real? Seemed like it; as Will (I can call him by his first name, we cool like that) was pretty heated afterwards and Chris (again, cool like that) was taken by surprise. But who really knows besides them, right?

But let’s say it was real, and Detective Spooner’s right hand met Chris’ face. The reason behind the slap was the reaction to Chris’ disrespect to Mike Lowery’s wife, Jada (who is battling alopecia) on national TV. With the history of Mr. Christopher’s jokes about Jada in the past, maybe this joke was the one that crossed the line. Or maybe Willard had enough with all the jokes. With those who say “it was just a joke”, you can’t say you have never seen anyone get upset over a joke. I remember at open gym, people used to get into fights that started off as jokes. So was this the straw that broke Mr. Smith’s back and he was like “Nope, I’m not going to let you talk about my wife and embarrass her on national TV and let it slide”. 1) Hancock has to go home with Jada and 2) play stupid games, win stupid prizes. 

Maybe The Fresh Prince could have handled it differently. Maybe in that moment, Agent J believed that was the best way to handle it for him, because really, what’s going to happen to him? Not do another movie? Oh, okay…

But what would you have done? Someone repeated has your spouse’s name in their mouth with nothing but embarrassing reasoning behind it. They do it again and this time it’s in front of you. Your spouse is mortified and visibly hurt. What happens next? Do you settle it right then and there or do you wait and pull them to the side?

Whether it was staged or not, it made for a good highlight and everyone is talking about it (and not Bruno <<<Dad Joke, I know) so good for the Oscars. 

Much love



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