Field Day!

Yall remember Field Day in the 80s/90s? You would train the 2nd half of the school year for the 3 legged race, running relays, tuggawar (Tug Of War for those not in the South), balloon toss and all them other relay games. You would compete against other classes, race by race and then end the day with popsicles and a movie and the announcement of which class brought in the most 1st/2nd/3rd place ribbons.

Sack race

Well, times are different. Mini Me’s school had a field day and, just like common core math, the activities were different. But it wasn’t in a bad way, just different from what I’m used to. There was a DJ playing music and letting kids shout out their teachers or say weird quotes that all the kids knew, like “Can I get a hoooooya?” and the kids would reply ” HOOOOOOOYA!” and there was something about “Chicken Nuggets” or something like that. I don’t know, I’m old. Then there was a snack station for kids to chill and eat popcorn and get water if needed. There were volunteers from the Air Force and JROTC from a local high school and they helped with each station of games/activities . There was a lot of thought and effort put in and it was well organized by the PE teacher and her crew. 

3 legged race for those who don’t know

But… me growing up in the 80s/90s (we getting old ya’ll), I was missing the sense of “Field Day Competition”. The racing in a potato sack, almost breaking your leg and face if  you fell, going down the field 10-15 yards, circling a cone and struggle-hopping on the way back. Teaming up with your best friend trying to sync up doing the 3 legged race screaming something to keep the legs on beat without tripping. The thought of knowing you had the best class to compete in tuggawar against any other same grade class.  The joy of getting more 1st place ribbons than any other class in the school. For me, the art of “90s” competition was missing. The trash talking and celebration after winning the shuttle run. The waving the 1st place ribbons in other kids’ faces. Youth toxicity at its finest (we turn out just fine… Well, most of us)

But times have changed, and understandably so. Field Day is a day to break up the monotony of sitting in the classroom preparing for standardized tests (bleh). A day to play, run around and get tired, and just have fun with friends and classmates. Just a day for 3rd graders to forget about algebra and geometry and AR tests and EOGs… a day for a kid to be a kid.

Mini me had fun. She was tired too. Hopefully as she gets older, she’ll get the chance to experience an old school Field Day (an get some of those red ribbons). But until then, a special thank you to all the teachers and volunteers who put time and effort to organizing the activities, the DJ, the magic show, donating snacks and snow cones… I recognize how much work was put in and I’m grateful.


Much love yall!



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