Birthday. Music. Food.

Recently, we celebrated the Mrs. birthday and it was a wonderful time spent. The Mrs. has been nothing short of a blessing in my life and I’m grateful to be able to celebrate as many birthdays as we have together.


We hopped on over to Charlotte,  ate some good food, listened to some great music, and ate some more. We started off with a birthday dinner at Fahrenheit and ended the night at Middle C Jazz. Before heading home, we stopped by RH Rooftop Restaurant  for some brunch.

We had dinner at a rooftop restaurant called Fahrenheit ( It was rather busy, but that was because there was a prom going on downstairs and all the kids were eating there before prom started. It was a great dinner, I had steak and she had short ribs with street corn on the side. We let the waitress know it was her birthday, so she brought us out a small red velvet cake on the house. Some of the kids there saw and was like “Awww it’s her birthday”. I asked if they would join in singing Happy Birthday to my wife and they happily obliged, and we had our side of the restaurant sing to my wife. It was great.

After dinner, we found a jazz club called Middle C Jazz ( right around the corner and we were lucky to get seats to see Noel & Maria and their band and they were great. I don’t normally listen to jazz, but this band was very entertaining and they sounded great. Their saxophonist, Juan Carlos, was awesome and he could play they hell out of that sax. I would definitely check out another show there.

Middle C Jazz Club – Noel & Maria

The morning after, we had brunch at RH Rooftop Restaurant (on the roof this time) and it was a beautiful establishment. It was on top of an interior design gallery and built in 2020. They have a decent variety of food, but be prepared to spend a pretty penny. I went with eggs (it was a lot of them) and thick bacon (it was like a bacon steak),  Brit had avocado toast (the size of the plate) and boiled egg and we shared “DÉLICE DE BOURGOGNE CHEESE (Strawberry Preserves, Warm Baguette)” , which was a slice of brie, grapes, bread, and strawberry jelly. Just for the record, strawberry jelly is the best jelly.

RH Rooftop Restaurant

The Mrs. had a great birthday weekend and I’m a lucky guy. If you’re ever in the Charlotte area, check out some of these places and let me know how you like them. (or just invite us, we might join ya’ll).

Much Love



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