Who Doesn’t Love a Daddy Daughter Day?

Recently, mini me and I were able to head up to Raleigh for a day and hit a few golf balls at Drive Shack. We’ve been trying to get back there for a while, but with life’s curveballs, we’ve had to constantly push it back. But finally, a weekend freed up for us, so we went and she had a great time. We mainly played the Monster Hunt game since it gave mini me something to look forward to as far as points and an objective (kill the monsters). We spent almost 2 hours there until her arms got tired. If you’ve never been to Drive Shack, its similar to Top Golf. I highly recommend reserving a bay as early as possible if you plan on going on a weekend.

So after eating lunch there, we headed over to the NC Museum of Natural Science. If you are thinking about going to this museum, remember, admission is FREE.99! . So no need to worry about getting in. But, there are some exhibits you can attend but you have to pay a small fee.

Mini me has always been a science lover so coming here and experiencing a few of the exhibits was fun for her. We learned about whale skeletons, saw some interesting insects, sat in on a science class, and ate some ice cream. We did try to sit thru a 3d show about dinosaurs, but she wasn’t feeling it. So we ended our day there and headed back home. 

For me, these types of days are needed. It grants quality time between a dad and daughter. It gets her off of the tablet and phone for a few hours and experience some things that I didn’t get to as a child. We get to learn more about each other, we get to have fun, and most of all, I hope mini me sees I’m trying to be as great of a father that I can be. These are the types of days where we can just hang out and just chill, but at the same time, give her my perspective about anything she wants to ask. Days like these will soon be a thing of the past as she gets older and her interests shift and hanging out with dear ol dad isn’t “lit” (still doesn’t sound right). But for now, I’ll continue to do my best at this thing called fatherhood.

If you’re looking for a few ideas to do with your littles, try some of these (most locally to Fayetteville, NC):

1) Go to a Woodpeckers or Marksmen Game

2) Lowes/Home Depot Workshops

3) Aloha Zoo

4) Gillis Hills Farm Ice Cream Shop

5) Downtown Photoshoot 

You don’t have to overthink these types of days, as long as the time spent is meaningful and memorable. One of the most important things you can give to someone is your time, and hopefully the time spent with ya kids will be memories for a lifetime for you and them.

To all the fathers out there have a Happy Father’s Day!

One Love



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