Holiday Season

Happy Holidays y’all! 

I know it’s some of y’all’s favorite time of the year. The lights. The tree. The smells (shameless plug: Shop at for your favorite holiday scents). The presents (shameless plug: shop at for new pieces to add to your wardrobe). All the things that come with the season. I remember growing up, my parents would buy us toys and my sister and I would sleep next to the tree, couldn’t wait until to open up the gifts. Then, as I got older, the types of gifts changed. From toys to money. Now that I’m a grown up, the needs and wants for physical gifts have almost diminished and the thing I truly want is for people to be happy. As a husband and father, I want the Mrs. and mini me to be happy and that is it. The physical things can come, and will go, at any time. But the moments of joy when I see my wife and daughter, smiling and laughter are enough for me, and will outlast any physical object in my lifetime.I want you to be happy too.

So this holiday season, I ask you to take care of yourself: physically and mentally. Let’s make caring for your mental health a priority. Let’s work on figuring out what truly makes you happy and what you can do to get there. The holiday blues are serious. Depression. Frustration. Tension. Isolation. Sadness. Hopefully looking at life with a new outlook starting today will give you a spark of peace heading into the new year. So try a few things to see if they help:

  • Relax – go get a massage or take a yoga class
  • Make sure you get enough sleep and exercise
  • Spend time on yourself, take that solo-cation
  • Give kindness to others. 
  • Ask for help (see “PS” section at the bottom)
  • Focus on what truly matters to you
  • Remember, no one is perfect. 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. And if you don’t believe in holidays, I hope you give kindness to someone and it’s returned to you twofold. 

Remember, be kind. You don’t know what someone may be going through and it take way too much energy to be evil. So be kind to each other. Every day. 

Much Love,


PS –

This time of year, there is a lot of pressure, stress, grief, heartache, and struggle that people deal with but they don’t know where to turn for help. If you or someone you know is dealing with some things and expressed feelings of giving up, please try to get them help. In the US, call 988 for the suicide lifeline for help. Visit We Can All Prevent Suicide : Lifeline (


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