New Year, New Lifestyle

Happy New Year Yall! How are we living for 2023? Ya’ll making some changes for the better this year? I have to. I have to give up something that I truly love. Ya’ll ain’t gonna believe this.

A little back story: So growing up, maybe I was 12 or 13, my mom would take me and my sister to the Carolina beaches and we would go crabbing. Now, if you’ve never been crabbing, there’s a process that involves a cage, some rope, a buoy, and some chicken legs. (Yes, you read that right). So my mom would put the chicken legs in the cage, tie the rope to the cage and the buoy, and leave it there. We would come back a few hours later, and there would be blue crabs (not the rare blue crabs) in the cages. We would then go home, my mother would cook them, and we would have a wonderful crab dinner. Fast forward to me being 18, we went out to eat for my sister’s birthday and I ordered 1.5 lbs of crab legs and went to work. But, by the time I got home, I had broken out in hives and didn’t know why. I had blamed the dog for bringing fleas into the house, but that wasn’t the case. My sister said something I still dread today “I think you’re allergic to shellfish.” Ain’t that something. (I sneak in shrimp every now and then, but 5 jumbo shrimp is my limit before the itching comes.)

Now, fast forward to being 25. I found out I was allergic to oats. I had a sweet potato casserole that had marshmallows and oats on top. Next thing I knew, my mouth itchin’ and throat felt like it was going to close. So no more oats. Rolled oats, old fashion oats, steel oats, all of em. Gone. (Sheesh!)

So now to bring you to the present… my almost 40 year old self has now developed a gluten intolerance… GLUTEN!!! That’s in everything! Cakes, pastas, cereals, cookies, pizza, dressings, sauces, soups, communion wafers, everything… I was eating a sandwich from one of my favorite places to eat and afterwards, I started having the same symptoms as if I ate shellfish. And that’s when I knew. So off to the doctor I went. You know how upsetting this is? I love food. All food. But I digress. It’s for my well-being, right? I can’t sit here and say that gluten-filled food is more important than being healthy enough to coach my daughter’s basketball team or take a trip to Disney World or walk down the aisle with my wife for our vow renewal. So gluten free food, here I come. At the ripe age of almost 40, I have to say farewell to the world of food that I knew and walk into a brand new universe of gluten free food. So for the first part of 2023, ya’ll see me looking mad, sad, and depressed, just know it’s because I wanted something battered and deep fried.

See ya’ll at all the fresh food markets!

Much Love


PS: Give me some links for some delicious (not just good) gluten free recipes!


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