Spring Break at American Dream Mall

We had a great time during our Spring Break! We decided on going up north to NJ and NY and do the tourist-y thing. We did Times Square, watched Hamilton Live, shopped a little, and ate a lot, but one of the best parts was going to American Dream Mall. 

American Dream Mall is a ridiculously large  retail and entertainment complex across the Hudson in NJ. It’s more than 3 million square feet and features a wide range of attractions, including an indoor ski slope, water park, amusement park, and over 450 stores and restaurants.

We spent day one walking the mall and it took allllllll day to walk that mall and I don’t even think we covered it all. Mini me and I ice skated for the first time, but we didn’t last long. For those who know me, I’m a roller skater and those ice skates were not doing my feet any favors. We played mini golf at one of the two courses they had in there. We shopped at a 3 story candy store. Bought some groceries at the H Mart. I’m surprised they are still adding stores to this place.

On day 3, we came back and did the water park all-the-day long. We got there when they opened and left a little before closing time. For us, it’s always important to have a place to rest, so we got a cabana. They had suites you could book, but I didn’t see the benefit it those. They were upstairs and further away from everything. If we had the grandparents, then maybe so they could have a more comfortable place to sit. The cabana was good enough for us. We had a decent place to sit, close the curtains, eat in peace, look over the wave pool, and even the Mrs. took a short lil nap. If it was up to mini me, we would still be in the wave pool. I took it upon myself to ride the Thrillagascar: the world’s tallest indoor water slide. After climbing about 15 flights of stairs, I stepped into this total recall looking capsule and without warning, the floor drops from underneath me. As my body was sliding down, which felt like I was free falling, I was praying for a few things: 1) don’t let me die and 2) don’t let my swimming trunks rip. But just like that, it was over in a flash, but it was worth it. Afterwards, my feet stung for a little bit and my a$$ was a lil sore, but my body was still intact.  I wish I had a video but the Mrs. was with the mini.  I went on a few other slides, but I quickly found out that my 40 year old body is not what it used to be. I could slide down slides and hit the water and keep going. I went down a few slides and when I hit the water, it felt like I was hit by a dump truck. Sheesh. Either way, the water park with the cabana was a great choice.

Between the days at the gigantic mall, we took public transportation over to NYC. Mini me and the Mrs. had never been so there was a heightened level of excitement there. Mini me was amazed by the size of the skyscrapers, the amount of traffic and people, and she frowned at the occasional trash can juice smell. Mini me also met a few TikTok stars, to include the Dancing Weatherman, @officialnickkosir . We hopped on (and off)  the Big Bus and rode around downtown to eat in Koreatown, see the Empire State building, and visit the 9/11 museum. We also made it a point to go see Hamilton live and even though mini me has seen Hamilton on tv thousands of times, she said watching it live was sooo much better even though it wasn’t the original actors.

Overall, we had a great Spring Break. If you have the chance to go to American Dream Mall, please do. Mini me can check NYC off her travel bucket list. Time to start planning the next trip I guess… Anyone wanna text me the winning lotto numbers? No? Ok, thanks

Much Love



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